Series 1300 - Door Controls

1335 Door Position Sensors

ACSI Series 1335 Door Position Sensors are used to confirm door position. Magnetic sensors mounted in the frame react to the proximity of the magnet mounted in the door. Pneumatic models also available for use in hazardous locations.

1335-1D.P.S. Standard mortise, SPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-10
1335-2D.P.S. ANSI, SPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-10
1335-3D.P.S. 1 Recessed mount, SPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-11
1335-4D.P.S. Standard mortise, DPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-10
1335-5D.P.S. ANSI, DPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-10
1335-6D.P.S. 1 Recessed mount, DPDT, N.O./N.C. contactsII-1300-11