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John Hooss

Years of Service: 39

Architectural Control Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of John R. Hooss on
March 31, 2023.

John has been with ACSI since May of 1984; which has been a remarkable 39 years of
electrical door hardware service. He will be greatly missed by everyone at ACSI. His
dedication, hard work and outstanding talents have been a significant accomplishment not only with him as an individual; but has made ACSI what it is today.

Throughout John’s years at ACSI he has many personal achievements that has made
his life fantastic. He married his wife Jeanne in 1994; and they had a beautiful son Karl
in 1998. Today Jeanne is enjoying her retirement and living her best life with her family
& friends. Karl will be 26 years old this year and enjoys working and being with his
friends and family as well. The Hooss family is very active in their church and enjoy

John’s hobbies include antique vehicles. He has a Model A – 53 Chrysler and a 62 Nova.
He enjoys collecting old time gas pumps-TEXACO and MoPac (Missouri-Pacific)
railroad signs and memorabilia. Once he retires he hopes to work on small projects at
home, and within his church. He is considering the possibility of getting into traveling

I asked John what was the best part of being at ACSI? His response: “The Customers
and Sales Reps.” He implied that he is really going to miss the relationships he has built over the years with both, and definitely considers them friends. Then I punched him and said/YELLED, “HEY WHAT ABOUT ME?” His response: “Of course I will miss Christa Hellweg, she is the best thing that has happened at ACSI, and without her I
would be lost.”…………… In all honesty he just looked at me and gave me the known
so well: The John Hooss-you are an idiot stare and said nothing. (I will take that as he
was too emotional for words.)

All joking aside we are really thankful for John Hooss at ACSI. His humor, enthusiasm,
and devotion to this company are unparalleled, he is a terrific person and an important
asset/confidant and will be dearly missed. I invite you below to share your favorite
memory or to wish John and his family blessings in this next chapter of life; which is VERY well deserved. Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Retirement!

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Jim Herrmann

I am going to miss working with you after all these years.
I appreciated all the help and consultation that you offered me whether it was a simple item or something complex.

Years ago, I remember when you had to fly to DC and go with me to large law firm project, we were doing at Swingin’ Door.
Most all the locks were frying and, of course it was a material issue, because it couldn’t be anything else but bad product.
We walked into a room full of people consistent of GC personnel, architects and lawyers ready to throw darts at us.
You pulled out your trusty Fluke meter and you told me that would show them that you know what you’re doing and meant business.
I remember that you said that with confidence. Turned out you were the Professor that day and it was proved to be a power in-rush problem after all.

I wish you the best in your retirement. Enjoy your time tinkering with your hobbies and most importantly with your family.

You will be missed by many.

Jim Herrmann

Eric Caponi

John….Thank you for your service for the past 40+ years. Your knowledge of door hardware will be greatly missed here at ACSI. I know that a lot of our customers have gotten spoiled using your knowledge of the industry over these last 40 years.

Even though most of your conversations were torts, they always made me laugh.

Congratulations and good luck in retirement!!!

John Spargo

Congratulations John !
Thank you for the great expertise and customer service. The wealth of knowledge and incredibly fast response time are the stuff of legends.
Truly the Best in the industry.
Enjoy your well earned and deserved retirement.
You will be missed.

John Spargo

Lisa Chapman

Omg. Were do I start? Thank you for all your help throughout the years You’re an amazing guy and a true friend . I did a little research on the chicken nuggets, I was right and you were Mr Wrong again…. Wink, Wink. Enjoy your next adventure I’ll miss you! You have my number if you ever need your ego boosted or just want to talk to someone. Hugs and xxxxx Lisa & Dan

One more thing … maybe you can find time now to get a haircut now 😜

Richard Manly

Hoosmann……..you did not seek my permission to retire! Your request to do so has been denied! I will miss you brother! have fun, I am jealous

Troy Rohrbacker

Hello John,

Congratulations on your retirement. I hope you enjoy and relax. You’ve absolutely earned it. Thank you for all your years of invaluable help and service. You will be missed.

Kaitlyn Summerfield

John –

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing you for almost 5 years. In those years you have taught me so much about electrified locks/hinges/etc, and you quickly became one of my favorite people in the industry. You were always patient and helpful when I came to you with (dumb) questions, and I appreciate that. I will certainly miss your expertise!

You have been so fun to work with! I hope you enjoy every moment of your retirement – it is so well deserved.

Best Wishes!

Brian Avants

Thanks for all your help over the years. Enjoy the next chapter.

Steve Woods

John has always gone out of his way to solve whatever problems we have run into and has portrayed not just a positive customer relationship but one that reflects true friendship.
You will be tremendously missed by your customers, friends and all that you have been in contact with over years at ACSI!!
Enjoy this new transition of life and may God bless you in your new endeavors!

Rick Hubbard

Dear John,

I can’t thank you enough for all your years of help and guidance. I surely could not have done my job without you. Best wishes in your new Chapter!!!

Katina Nelson

I have so many good memories and conversations that John and I shared over the years. What I will miss most is conversations about his dad and all the jokes that he shared. Now the time has come to see him retire and I been trying really hard to get him to reconsider, but to no avail. Thank you John for all that you taught over the years. Congratulations John on retirement and just so you know, your just a text away.

Steve Manney

It’s been a pleasure working with you and hope you enjoy your retirement.
Steve Manney
Door Pros Inc.

Marshalls Locksmith

Congratulations on your retirement! It’s been a pleasure working with you,, thanks for your help over the years! Pam

Mike Brownell

Hello John,

Congratulations on your Retirement. I have greatly enjoyed working with you for many years

and thank you for the assistance that you provided to me, my employees and to our customers .. Your Expertise was invaluable to all of us and your Personal Participation in our Territory Seminars and Trade Shows helped make these events extremely successful.

ACSI has benefited greatly over the years through your dedicated work and your “Attention to Detail” which is second to none. I know you will be missed however the time has arrived for your Retirement and you “Have Earned It”. You may now set your own Schedules and Rules!

The Best to you and your Family for the upcoming years and wishing you Great Health and Happiness.

Warmest  Regards, Mike Brownell

Joe Schlosser

Congratulations John!
Thanks for always being there when we had questions or problems. Your knowledge and sense of humor made it great to work with you.
I also always enjoyed seeing you at conventions throughout the years.

Good luck, and enjoy your well deserved retirement!!!

Joe Schlosser
Akron Hardware

Craig Huber

I have known John for almost as long as I have been working for ACSI. In fact, I got him a job with the company back in the early 80s. Since he had already been working for an outfit dealing with various locksets and alarms, he decided to take on a current opening for a shop worker and expand his knowledge on working with various locking devices and other access control products. If I remember right, there was a point in time where an opening became available for an in-house sales position. I told Mark LeGrand (or it might have been Tony Caponi or Dave Senften), that he might consider giving John a crack at it since he already had a few years of experience he gained from modifying various locksets and other devices. And when it came to public relations, he had the personality and a sense of humor that would appeal to ACSI customers and reps. When it came to over-the-phone troubleshooting, he was very good at it (and that also goes for Dean lewis) and saved me from having to take on many of those trouble calls which I greatly appreciated.

Now that John is retiring, what will he do now? Maybe he will try his hand at television and become a talk show host. If that should ever happen, I would suggest he should choose The Chicken Reel for his theme song. For years, us office guys had to put up with his cell phone calls, listening to those mother clucker hens squawking away until he finally picked up the phone. It was enough to cause us all to lay an egg! All kidding aside, have a long and wonderful retirement. Take care, Rabbi John, take care.

Christa Hellweg


After 24 years of knowing you, I can actually say I am going to miss you. You are one of my OG’s at ACSI and this place will not be the same without you. We have had our UPS and DOWNS and I do not regret any of them. In fact you are one of the top few I respect because you did stand up to me, and didn’t let me get away with much at all. Thank you for always making things more difficult and challenging me on certain changes within the company, I am pretty sure that is what made things better at ACSI. (LOL) Like I mentioned above you really are dedicated and it shows. I have heard over and over the last month how many people in the industry are truly upset that you will be gone; that does not happen with someone that is not devoted and valued within a company. All of our side jokes, indicative one liners, and the continuous torts throughout the day will be absent, and only in my mind. So sad! I wish you the best and pray for Jeanne that she now will have to deal with you 24-7 (poor Jeanne). I hope the Hooss family relaxes and enjoys their time together, and life is full of blessings. You deserve this time and congratulations on this next stage of life. Mega love and hugs to all three of you! ~CzH P.S. Every time I watch the stooges I think of you! P.S.S. Stay away from the gutters!

Tim Dailey


It’s been a pleasure working with you and wish you well. Enjoy your well earned retirement!!

Tim Dailey
Cascade Door and Hardware


Dear John….,
After a few years as a ACSI rep and many more as a customer, You have always been the A+++ in customer service and support.
You will leave a hole in the industry & in the customer service genre.
As we discussed, the world is changing, I am jealous and excited to wish you a fond Farwell!
Be good & enjoy next 39 more than the last FOUR DECADES (are you kidding me???)

Cheers to you!🍻


Congratulations on your Retirement. I’ve enyoyed talking with you over the years that I’ve been at Burgess Sales and appreciate all the help you provided. May God continue to bless you and your family.

gary kramer

thank you my crazy friend for all of the years of training and support you have provided so happy your moving to the best things in life family and friends

Vinny Coniglio

Hey John, wow its been a long time. I have missed working with you over the past bunch of years but I have nothing but fond memories of time we sold a lot of “electrified stuff” together. I think I still have a cracked rib leaping for that foul ball at the Cards game, and remember that great time when we went to the Rams. BTW, thank goodness for some of these pictures I forgot your face buried under that new beard you’re sporting. Classy retirement look.. Wishing you good health and happiness on your next endeavors. If NY/NJ ever is in your travel plans, know that you have a friendly in the area, that I would love to catch up and show you around. Cheers my friend. Vinny

Steve Zychinski

I’ve worked with John for 17 years at ACSI. Professionally I will miss his knowledge of the door hardware industry and how much he cares about ACSI and our customers. Personally I will miss everything else that makes working with him a pleasure.

He always has a great attitude and friendly demeanor. He tells jokes and filters in movie quotes throughout the day. On great days his prankster side comes out for all to enjoy; even for those on the receiving end. I’ll miss the Friday morning question, “What’s for lunch?” Or the inevitable on any day of the week, “Who has onions?” Nothing gets past that dog nose.

John, thank you. Thank you for sharing yourself with all of us at ACSI for all these years. You will be missed. Enjoy your next chapter. Hopefully this is not goodbye, but just so long for now until I see you again.


Stanley Tepper

THANK YOU for being John! All the friendship and courtesies you have extended to me during the past 37 years. When I needed product assistance – BOOM – you were there to help.
When I needed expedited delivery – BANG – you were there to help. When I needed coordination, product referencing, product comparisons – ZOOM – you were there to help.
I remember our personal discussions about * * * * yep, we shared and laughed together. (sometimes maybe not laughed).
I wish you the best, relaxing retirement. YOU are a great guy !!!!!!!!

Hal Kelton

Hey Hooss,

Don’t let the electrified lock hit you in the ass on the way out. It has been meh working with you over the years. We didn’t always see eye-to-eye, but I can rest easy knowing that I was always right. 😉

In all seriousness my friend, it’s been a great ride and I truly appreciated your friendship through most of the last 31 years. The first 10 years as a customer and the last 21 years as your favorite sales rep to abuse. It would have been so much easier without you, but not nearly as entertaining. I suppose I should add something like you’re such an asset to ACSI, but I can’t get past ass, it’s just so fitting. Are you sure the family is really prepared to have you around so much? Maybe Jeanne and Karl should join our long-runnig “Dealing with Hooss” support group. That said, our last scheduled meeting/”he’s finally retiring party” is April 1st, no you’re not invited. It just felt like the perfect day in celebration of you brother!

You know I love “tolerated” you!


John Griffing

Appreciate your allowing me to pick your brain and order a few things from you over the years. Always a pleasure!!

John Griffing
Sr. Manager
Warren Hollow Metal Doors & Frames, Inc. (DBA: Warren Doors & Access Control)

Joe Calvert

I probably met John back in 1989 when I joined my father’s (Bob Calvert RIP) rep agency (Calvert-Hoffman Representatives). We traveled quite a bit around KY, IN and TN and I enjoyed every minute. Wonderful warmth and expertise and humor and devoted man of God: a pillar of the industry. Press on, Mr. Hooss. I’m thinking you’ll achieve even much more in retirement!

Sharon Wilson


I don’t think you would recall me personally, but I know you have been of assistance to me over the years (at a few different companies).
It always makes me happy to see folks retire in good health to be able to enjoy the best years!

All the best, and blessings!

Sharon M Wilson, AHC CDT
Architectural Concepts LLC

Ken Bockenstette

It has been a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate every time I had a question or needed advice. You were there.
Enjoy your retirement.

craig chabot


thanks for always being there/taking all of our calls/listening to our odd requests/and almost always helping us with a solution. Will miss talking to you.

Matt Williams

Great working with you, I just hit my 40th in the industry. Looking forward to my next adventure.

have fun.

Skip Reid

Hey John,
I’m so jealous! I wish you the Best my friend. Enjoy this next phase. It has been a pleasure to know and work with you over the years.
Be Well

Glenn Bayha

You are a Gentleman and a Scholar. I heard that said of someone, at some point in the past, and when i saw your retirement announcement, it came to mind for you.
I enjoyed meeting you when I visited ACSI in 2015, and have enjoyed working with you all these past years. Wishing you the very best in your retirement. From all
of us at Cascade Door and Hardware, The very best.
Glenn Bayha
Cascade Door and Hardware

Linda Miller

Hi John,
Thank you for all your help you given me and our Acme Lock staff. Good Luck on your retirement. I am going to join the retirement team at the end of the year.

Linda Miller

Dean Lewis

John and I worked side by side for 37 years. He will always be a brother to me. Congrats!!!

Tom Stapleton


I want you to know that Brian Dalgleish at JLM just yelled at me because you are retiring. He has to rely on someone else to manage their account!!! JK, we had a conversation that I would believe, and truly know, has been mirrored with all the reps, from all of our customers you have worked with over the years. One of appreciation, dedication, and responsibility. It is a true accomplishment in life to get people to trust you with their livelihoods! Thats what you have done John! A testament to who you are at your core. Over the past 33 years of working together we have both grown up in our personal lives and in the hardware business. Our sons are the same age, and our trials have been many, but through it all, I want you to know you always found a way to make my life a little bit easier! This, I will always consider a true gift to me and one I will always think about as our agency continues on its way…………….without you sadly, in representation of this fabulous company we have all been a part of. I want to sincerely and personally thank you for your gift over all these years John and want you to know how I feel about it! Good luck! Don’t get frustrated when that tool won’t fit in the right angle on that Nova! Remember it’s supposed to be for fun!!!

Dan Arthur

John is clearly one of the most intelligent men i have dealt with and always had an answer and always responded quickly and efficiently. Not sure on the beard situation, but John you will be clearly missed by all of us. Loved the wry sense of humor at all times, and the deadpan persona! Wish you nothing but the best moving forward and excited for you and your family. God bless you in this next phase of life, and please know you will be greatly missed! Thanks for all your help to our team and customers over the years
Love ya!
dan and the polke team

Jeff Addis

Congratulations to you John!! What an incredible career at ACSI!! I have been representing ACSI since 1990 and John has ALWAYS been there for me and the team at Mayo Associates!! When we first started Mark was the sales manager at the time and John was his right-hand man at the factory. Mark would come in and travel and make the “deals” with customers and John would always say what kind of promises did you guys make that I now have to keep! 🙂 A true legend…. and so very highly regarded among our customers. Never once my 33 years with ACSI….did I ever hear one negative thing about John….not once! THANK YOU for all you have done for me…. and everyone whose path you have crossed over the years! May you have good health, many more great experiences with your bride Jeanne and your son Karl, and many more years to enjoy retirement life!! You are a true blessing to this world my friend!!


Bill Combs

I have been an ACSI rep since I started working with my dad in 1986. My memories of John are many so I will sum them up by saying what I learned about ACSI I learned primarily from John. I also gotta say that even to this day I make sure I check and double check what I have a question about before I contact John because for whatever reason I don’t want to look like an idiot by asking a dumb question. Having said that, John never ever made me feel foolish so my disposition came from a place of respect for John that made me want to look smart in the eyes of the Hoosster! John, thanks for the memories and all you have done for me over those 39 years, you deserve the best that retirement has to offer.
-Bill Combs

David Brown

I can’t believe I am writing a testimonial about my dude John Hooss your daddy! Calling ACSI meant I had to get ready to out funny this guy. Impossible. I think it’s important to mention how giving this man truly is, from advice to tech support to the lint in his belly button. Nothing was too much for him. Having a beard longer than Moses in the heavens above, John made me feel comfortable knowing if I had to go wandering somewhere for thousands of years or just needed to know the do’s and dont’s of basic electricity that I would be A-OK with him on the other end of the phone. I will miss you John Boy, you made me look smart in front of clients more times than I care to remember. You were always there for me and you retiring means I either have to buddy up to the new guys or go it alone….good thing I gots your cel phone! If you block my number or change yours, trust me, I know where you live! Love you buddy you deserve a nice long and healthy retirement with Karl and Jeanne. Peace Out to a LEGEND! DB